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Dispensing Assistant Course – The Ultimate Guide

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There are some awarding bodies that have been recognized, especially, by the GPhC to provide level-2 knowledge and competency-based dispensing assistant certifications. More so, there are some distance learning courses that are also accredited as equal to the level 2 NVQ units with regards to Pharmacy Service Skills. For you to partake in a dispensing assistant course, you have to be a pharmacy employee and the DA course mostly takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months. It is a requirement that in a pharmacy, all personnel must receive adequate training for their roles. Pharmacy staff that has the role of dispensing need to match the minimum required training specifications to perform in this position and are expected to commence training within 90 days of being in that role.

In order to match the requirements, a dispensing assistant has to complete the required courses related to the level-2 certification in the skills of pharmacy service. To make sure that you are properly trained, a dispensing assistant is expected to undertake recognized courses if they perform any of these duties in a pharmacy –

  • Over-the-counter sales and information provision to clients
  • Receipt and collection of prescriptions
  • Label generation and prescribed item assemblage
  • Order, receive, store, and supply pharmaceutical stock
  • Pharmaceutical products prep and manufacture
  • Medicinal products production and assemblage

The Entry Requirements And Approved Dispensing Assistant Courses

In order to begin your DA course, you are expected to be a part-time pharmacy employee or a full-time employee because your training is basically vocational and it is expected that you will demonstrate your ability to practice the knowledge that you have gained.

The course provider will be responsible for determining your entry requirement. However, they may require a GCSE from you or any equivalent qualification. Presently, a DA course requires you to complete a recognized qualification or training programme accredited or recognized by GPhC. There are organizations that have the accreditation of the GPhC with respect to providing dispensing assistant courses. These courses are usually offered via distance learning. The DA courses which accredited organizations provide are equivalent to at least a unit of Level-2 NVQ skills of pharmacy service.

Approval process For Dispensing Assistant training Providers

The GPhC is responsible for the accreditation and recognition of DA pharmacy courses which results in registration and also annotation. These courses include –

  • Master of Pharmacy degrees which lead to pre-registration and eventually pharmacist registration
  • OSPAPs for pharmacists which leads to pre-registration and eventually pharmacist registration
  • Prescribing programmes which lead to pharmacist annotation
  • Competency-based, as well as, knowledge-based qualifications which result in pharmacy technician registration.

Dispensing assistant courses which allow pharmacy employees to partake in various activities that ensure that patients, as well as the public, receive a safe supply of drugs are also accredited by the GPhC. These courses include –

  • Dispensing assistants level-2 courses
  • Medicines counter assistant level-2 courses

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Accreditation implies that every process which is involved in a DA course has undergone the necessary quality assurance reviews to make sure that the course matches the standards, policies, or criteria of the GPhC. This process involves submitting a document of self-assessment that is supported by the necessary documentary evidence. Then, an accreditation team will attend the accreditation event which eventually ends in formal accreditation. The accreditation decision may come with some conditions. The course of training to be accredited will determine what the event will look like as it may involve the following –

  • Visit to the site
  • meetings with all related staff
  • meetings with the senior management
  • meeting with the students
  • Viewing of the facilities for teaching.

The accreditation comes in two forms of accreditation which may be held by a provider of an MPharm degree. They are –

1. Provisional accreditation

This denotes a situation where a university wants to begin providing the Mpharm degree and takes steps to get full accreditation. The steps are 7 in numbers with each step is completed after one academic year. The initial process of accreditation, therefore, requires, at least, seven years to be completed. As soon as a university attains step 3, it receives permission for students to be enrolled into the first year of the university’s new MPharm degree. Within the next four years, steps 4 to step 7 is expected to be completed. The first set of students graduate at the university’s completion of the seventh step and it is granted a full accreditation.

2. Full accreditation

The GPhC grants the full accreditation on the successful completion of all the required steps involved in the process of initial accreditation. As soon as a university gets its full accreditation, it proceeds to the process of re-accrediting the existing MPharm degrees. This process involves a visit once every 6 years for full re-accreditation, as well as, an interim visit once every 3 years.


Recognition refers to a situation where national qualifications that are delivered countrywide are approved. They are mapped to the framework of quality credit and the accepted standards of national occupation. The awarding bodies’ quality assurance is recognized but the GPhC does not directly accredit the providers.

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