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How Pharmacies can Profit from the Holiday Health Season

By June 20, 2018 January 21st, 2020 No Comments

How pharmacies can profit from the holiday health season

Every year, people living in the UK go on more than 60 million trips abroad.

Prepare your team to give customers the best holiday health advice they can. MediaPharm is here to help you drive sales during the holiday health season.

To make things easier we’ve created a short 15-minute course for your team so they can:

Advise on some common holiday health problems

Recommend treatments for those holiday health problems

Recognise which types of holiday health issues require a referral to the pharmacist

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Helping customers prepare and stock up on the right medicines and products means they can enjoy a safe and healthy holiday whether abroad or at home. The mistake that many pharmacies make is to limit the service to just sun preparations and skincare.

According to Emma Charlesworth, Numark’s communications manager, pharmacies should create a ‘one-stop’ travel feature. “Include everything customers may need when going on holiday,” she says. “Do the thinking for them. Don’t simply ‘pack and wrap’.”

“Consumers purchase from a pharmacy because they want and expect advice – packing and wrapping is for grocers, not a pharmacy, she says. And use an advice-driven sales approach to add value to your service. “Don’t assume that, because a customer has chosen a product, it is the right one for them. Offer advice on self-selected products even if your customers don’t ask for it.”

With that in mind, here is a simple checklist you can use to make the most of your holiday health season:

Holiday Health Season Checklist

If you offer full travel services (e.g. vaccinations) – promote them! Highlight the service both in-store and window displays plus market them to local businesses to increase footfall. You can also place leaflets around the travel health fixture to remind customers they can ask for advice.

When undertaking an MUR, ask if the customer has any holiday plans (the UK or abroad). Make sure they have enough supplies for their trip. Ensure customers are aware of prescription medicines restrictions in certain countries.

Advise customers on treating common ailments while travelling by suggesting self-help tips and recommending suitable products

Put together a few ready-made holiday health kits for customers. Start with basic essentials and tailor them to suit specific needs. Remember that some customers may prefer cheaper generic products, rather than established brands

Make sure you stock a range of travel-related products – not just suitable medicines, but also things like travel adaptors and mosquito repellents

Stock travel-sized products. Airport security means liquid medicines need to be in small bottles if they are being taken onto the plane in hand luggage.

Holidays are not limited to school breaks, so ensure you keep a smaller range of travel health products all-year-round.

The holiday health season is a great time to boost sales. But many pharmacies miss out because they only offer a limited range of products. By creating an all-in-one travel feature, pharmacies can deliver everything the customer needs, expand services and offer an advice-driven sales service that boosts profit.

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This article was written on behalf of Mediapharm by Saam Ali from Pharmacy Mentor.

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