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How to Become an OTC Expert in Babycare

By July 8, 2021 November 18th, 2021 No Comments

become otc expert babycare


Pharmacy is often the first port of call when it comes to babies, especially new mothers who need the support and reassurance from a healthcare expert that they are doing things right. The invaluable advice around caring for the baby and managing common conditions makes the pharmacy an attractive one-stop shop for all their baby needs.

Our comprehensive online course will help you to become an OTC Expert in Babycare.


What value will our OTC Expert in Babycare course bring to your Pharmacy…

This course surrounding Babycare serves to help you give customers confident recommendations and relevant advice. This will allow you to establish yourself as an expert in babycare, providing reassurance for new parents.

The course will also offer insight into Babycare and Covid-19, from how to recognise symptoms in babies, to giving customer advice with regards to the virus and breastfeeding.


By the end of this course, your team will be able to:

  • Understand any problems parents may have with feeding
  • Advise mothers who want to bottle feed
  • Recognise the symptoms and treatment for nappy rash
  • Understand the treatment and symptoms for teething


What does the course include?

This course includes:

  • Further reading to expand on course content
  • Learning outcomes
  • Case scenarios to reinforce and illustrate key learning points
  • Multiple choice quiz elements to test your learning
  • Video tutorials and relevant images to engage the learner
  • A structured learning plan
  • A personalised certificate as evidence of course completion


The flexibility of our online Learning Management System allows you learn in your own way, in your own time. We have included further information regarding the benefits of Online Learning Management Systems within our recent blog post. You can also discover why online learning is pivotal when it comes to the future of Community Pharmacy here.




The course will take approximately 15 minutes to see through to completion. However, we have made additional learning content available in the form of articles and videos. These can be used to enhance your learning, as well as to accommodate for varying learning styles.


become otc expert babycare

Why is this course essential?

Learning how to engage with patients with Babycare-related needs will allow you to have a positive influence on the habits of new parents. Establishing expertise in the subject will allow you to provide a source of advice and comfort in areas that may be causing them concern. These areas include conditions such as nappy rash, teething and problem feeding.

Following your initial assessment and advice, our course will also give you the ability to recommend relevant in-store treatment products as a solution to their individual concerns. Moreover, you will receive insight into how to effectively communicate with new parents, so that you can be mindful of their needs. Similarly, the course also provides an overview of the Healthy Start Scheme. This will help you to understand and account for the varying individual needs of your patients.


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This blog post was written on behalf of Mediapharm by Carla Moore from Pharmacy Mentor.