Customer Service Assistant Course

£65.00 + VAT

This course is accredited by the GPhC. It prepares you to assist in dealing with customers and supporting colleagues and provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to address the GPhC core outcomes for all support staff and technical knowledge and skills identified as required for the safe and effective performance of your role.

This course is for anyone working in a pharmacy who does not provide medicines advice to customers.

The course is equivalent to RQF Level 2 and covers the knowledge and understanding of the following National Occupational Standards (NOS):

PHARM07- Receive prescriptions
PHARM32- Assist in the issuing of prescribed items
PHARM12 – Order pharmaceutical stock
PHARM13 – Receive pharmaceutical stock
PHARM14 – Maintain pharmaceutical stock


1. Customer Service Assistant Sign Up
2. Foundation Modules
  – Introduction to Pharmacy
  – Working with Customers
  – Working in a Team
  – Introduction to Communication
  – Introduction to Health and Safety
  – Introduction to Safeguarding
  – Introduction to Data Security Awareness
3. Foundation Assessment
4. Customer Service Assistant Role Specific Module and Assessment

Learning outcomes:

  • Helping customers with accessing the help they need
  • Signposting customers to the correct colleagues
  • Receiving and giving out prescriptions
  • Supporting colleagues in managing stock

Audience: Temporary staff, remote workers, Saturday staff, relief staff

Duration: This programme will take around 5 hours to complete plus additional time to put learning into practice. The duration to complete the programme is 3-6 months.

Activities to be completed: To complete this programme you will need to read the Trainee resources, complete the online Enrolment Form, agree the Learning Contract, and then complete each of the modules in the programme and accompanying assessments and case studies. Your tutor will need to sign the Declaration of Competence before your Certificate is released by the training provider Mediapharm.