Accuracy Checking Assistant Recertification

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The GPhC accredited Accuracy Checking Assistant qualification is only valid within community practice and remains valid for a 2 year period from the date on the certificate. Recertification to renew the certificate is required when the certificate expires or at any point when moving to a new employer. 

Recertification is based upon two key principles: 

  • Maintaining ongoing experience 
  • Reflecting on your practice 

Logs required for recertification 

You should maintain a log of your practice throughout the 2 year period of validity for your certificate. The following logs will then need to be submitted to Mediapharm as evidence for recertification:

  • Monthly Log 
  • Meeting Records 

Evidence Required:

  • A reflective log for any significant events that occur while practising as an ACA.
  • A record of the number of items checked each month while the certificate remains valid.
  • An explanation for any significant gaps in checking while the certificate remains valid and the actions taken to ensure ongoing competence to practice where there are any gaps.
  • Record of a reflective meeting with your RP every six months while the certificate remains valid.