Struggling To Track Your Team's Pharmacy Training?

We work with pharmacy owners to bring all their statutory and mandatory training together in one place so they can train more effectively and audit their entire team's performance on one dashboard.

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Unlimited access to accredited courses with one simple payment.

Medicines Counter Assistant

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Save Time and Improve Performance

Everything you need to train your team effectively.

Team Dashboards

Real time reporting for complete visibility.

Alerts and Notifications

No more chasing. Set due dates and automate re-certifications.

Scheduled Reports

Achieve accountability at every level of the business.

Structured Learning

Tried and tested learning plans designed by pharmacists.

Always up to Date

New courses added each month to update skills.

One-to-One Support

Book a call with one of our approved tutors, anytime.

No visibility?

Track all your pharmacy training on one dashboard.


What Our Customers Are Saying

"I am really impressed with the content and layout of the programme...great interactive base!"

Pharmacy Assistant

"Mediapharm has allowed us to train all our staff and keep them up to date. We have immediately reduced costs, Improved visibility and provided essential information on staff training levels in each branch."

Pharmacy Owner

"Previously, keeping track of training was a real headache. Now I can easily see how my team are doing using the team dashboard."


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