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GPhC Accredited Courses and More

Our stand alone accredited courses are easy to use and easy to track.

We've taken out all the bits that slow down learning and overcomplicate administration so learners get beautifully designed courses that have been user tested plus one-to-one support from our expert team.

And tutors get access to guidance notes and a team dashboard to track their students' progress in real time.

Accredited Courses

Medicine Counter Assistant

GPhC recognised qualification for anyone working in a pharmacy who supplies medicine as part of their role.

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Dispensing Assistant

GPhC recognised qualification for anyone undertaking dispensing activities in a pharmacy.

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Healthcare Assistant

GPhC accredited course that combines MCA and DA qualifications for more flexible working.

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HLP Health Champion

Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) Level 2 award in Understanding Health Improvement.

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HLP Leadership

PSNC recognised qualification for HLP based on NHS Leadership Dimensions framework.

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Results Driven Programmes

Selling professional services

Selling OTC products

Selling Healthy Living Services

Engaging with customers

Perfect consultations

New hires

Quality payments

Regulatory compliance

Retail skills

Pharmacy Experts

Infant Nutrition


Private services

Sales and Marketing

Support staff

Mediapharm is trusted by world class pharmacy businesses

Our regulatory required courses are accredited by GPhC and RSPH and we are a recognised leader in pharmacy training.