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Become an OTC Expert in Footcare

By February 5, 2021 September 29th, 2021 No Comments


Become an OTC expert in footcare with our vital training.


Our feet take the weight of the whole body, which means foot problems are common and can quickly lead to discomfort. Foot problems may be related to more serious conditions, such as back problems and diabetes. The pharmacy is therefore able to give a breadth of Footcare advice ranging from cosmetic to long term disease.

Our OTC Expert in Footcare Course offers vital training for all Pharmacy staff members. The knowledge gained will enable the pharmacy to be prepared to offer Footcare advice for varying conditions.


What value will this course bring to your pharmacy…


Customers will seek Footcare advice for a variety of different reasons. This makes the advice you can offer very wide in scope. Footcare does not only encompass conditions such as verrucas, Athlete’s Foot and corns. Foot health overlaps with several other awareness campaigns, such as staying active, heart health and diabetes. Patients may often show discomfort when it comes to sharing their foot concerns; therefore being prepared, professional and proactive with your advice is essential. If your pharmacy team are well-trained for the provision of Footcare services, this will ensure that the customer is satisfied with their experience.


Our course helps you become an OTC expert in footcare in 15 minutes


Why do this Course?


The pharmacy must ensure that all of their patients with diabetes have had a foot check within the last 12 months. If they have not, they should be advised to do so. This course will help ensure that you are an OTC Expert in Footcare.  You will be able to confidently identify whether a patient’s symptoms require a product recommendation, or a Pharmacist referral.


This course includes: 


  • A personalised certificate as evidence of course completion
  • Video tutorials and relevant images to engage the learner
  • Case scenarios to illustrate and reinforce key learning points
  • Multiple choice quiz elements to test learning
  • A structured learning plan
  • Learning outcomes
  • Further reading to build on the course content


By the end of this course your team will be able to:


  • Advise on some common Footcare problems
  • Explain the causes of foot problems to customers
  • Give customers useful advice on how to manage their symptoms
  • Recommend appropriate treatments for said Footcare issues
  • Recognise which types of Footcare conditions require a referral to the Pharmacist
  • Offer targeted Footcare advice to people with diabetes


Become an OTC Expert in footcare to give your customers the best advice



This course will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Additional videos are provided for learning enhancement. They also serve to accommodate alternative learning styles.


Why is this Footcare Pharmacy training course essential?


Footcare issues are very common; the customer may struggle to differentiate between different conditions. Having a developed understanding of their symptoms will leave you feeling confident with your advice. This course will provide you with an opportunity to reflect upon the service you provide. Understanding a customer’s symptoms will allow you to recommend the solution they need, to get them back to feeling like themselves again.


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This blog post was written on behalf of Mediapharm by Carla Moore from Pharmacy Mentor.