Pharmacy Career Starter Course

£55.00 + VAT

The Pharmacy Career Starter programme is for anyone interested in getting into pharmacy whether as a first job or as a change in career or for those from overseas who want an introduction to pharmacy in the UK. It is designed to prepare you ahead of applying for a job as a pharmacy assistant.

The programme gives you an overview of what it is like working on the pharmacy counter and dispensary and includes the induction modules from our GPhC-accredited Healthcare Assistant programme, which you would be required to do when you first start working in a pharmacy.

NOTE: The programme does NOT qualify you to work in a pharmacy. To do that you need to be employed by a pharmacy first who will then enrol you onto a work-based vocational programme such as a General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) accredited course or an apprenticeship.

Learning outcomes:

  • Prepare you for a career in pharmacy
  • Learn about what a pharmacy service involves in the UK
  • Learn about the laws that govern pharmacy and medicines in the UK
  • Understand the different communications methods needed to talk to customers on health and work in a team with colleagues
  • Give you employability skills to start applying for jobs

Audience: People interested in getting into pharmacy as a first job or change of career.
Duration to complete: 15 mins per module

This course contains 9 modules:

Introduction to Pharmacy

This course will help give you the best start in your job, helping you become familiar with what the pharmacy organisation does, how you can support other people in the pharmacy team and understand how your role contributes to safe and effective patient care.

Working with Customers

This course will help you understand customers so you have the confidence to give them a first class person-centred service.

Working in a Team

This course will help you to contribute to the effectiveness of teams.

Introduction to Communication

This course will help you communicate effectively with customers and your team.

Introduction to Health and Safety

This course will help you keep yourself, your colleagues and customers safe in the pharmacy.

Introduction to Safeguarding

This course is designed to help the support team pick up on safeguarding signs and understand the process of bringing these to the attention of the Responsible Pharmacist.

Introduction to Pharmacy Services

This course will showcase some of the pharmacy’s key patient services so you can direct customers to them.

Working with Medicines

This course will prepare you to work with medicines.

Employment Skills

This module will take you through the basic employability skills needed when looking for a job. It covers some careers advice and explains how to set yourself goals, it also explains how to create a CV and how to prepare to succeed in a job interview.