C&D Accuracy Checking Assistant Course

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This programme is accredited by GPhC to prepare you for assisting in the dispensary and undertaking the final accuracy check. It provides you with the knowledge and skills identified as required for the safe and effective performance of your role.

The course is equivalent to RQF Level 3 and covers the knowledge and understanding of the following National Occupational Standards (NOS):
PHARM28 Undertake the final accuracy check of dispensed medicines and products

The Programme is set out as follows:

  • Accuracy Checking Assistant Sign up
  • Accuracy Checking Assistant Role Specific Module and Assessment

Learning outcomes:

  • To understand the Accuracy Checker (AC) role
  • To develop and practice a safe and accurate checking technique
  • To appreciate the gravity of errors
  • To follow the correct procedures in a near miss situation

Audience: For pharmacy assistants who have at a minimum completed a dispensary assistant qualification.

Duration to complete: This programme will take around 2-3 hours to complete the elearning plus additional time to put learning into practice, complete and log accuracy checks for 1000 items, conduct reflective exercises, have monthly discussions with the tutor pharmacist and complete the formal assessment. The duration to complete the programme is 3-12 months.

Activities to be completed: To complete this programme you will need to read the Trainee resources, complete the online Enrolment Form, agree the Learning Contract, and then complete each of the activities in the programme and accompanying assessments. You will have a professional discussion with a Mediapharm mentor at the end before the certificate is released.

Revalidation: This qualification requires recertification every 2 years. It is only valid at the premises where you qualified and if your employer changes you will also need to revalidate.

Date created: July 2021

NOTE: Because of the technical level of the Accuracy Checking Assistant programme, your tutor needs to be the Responsible Pharmacist.