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CPPE Courses for Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS)

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MediaPharm’s CPPE Courses for Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS)

MediaPharm’s CPPE Courses for Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) are designed to help your pharmacy staff achieve compliance on the required CPPE training courses. There are four mandatory courses and all of these are available on Mediapharms’s training platform.

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What is the Pharmacy Quality Scheme?

The Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) is the new name for the existing Quality Payments Scheme (QPS). These initiatives are aimed at moving pharmacists and their teams towards a more clinically-focused service. The QPS was started in 2016 and will continue as the PQS in 2019/20.

According to NHS England:

“The aim of this scheme is to continue to move community pharmacy to a more integrated, service focussed function within the wider NHS system, providing even safer, accessible healthcare to patients by incentivising activity in the following quality domains:

  • Risk management and patient safety
  • Medicines safety through audits, complementing the Quality and Outcomes Framework Quality Improvement scheme within the GP contract
  • Sickness prevention of ill health and the provision of information and advice to promote healthy living
  • Integration into local Primary Care Networks (PCNs) as part of the multidisciplinary team
  • Asthma reviews and ensuring that appropriate action plans are in place and referrals are made where necessary
  • Improved updates to pharmacy profiles to support real-time referrals and patient access.

The PQS will start on 1 October 2019 and participating contractors will declare their performance against the quality domains during the declaration window between 3 February 2020 and 28 February 2020.”

How this affects pharmacy

There have been several changes made to the structure and content of the gateway criteria and the quality criteria for each required training course. You will need to ensure that you and your staff have completed the four CPPE courses:

1. Safeguarding Level 2
2. Look-a-like Sound-a-like Errors (LASA)
3. Sepsis
4. Risk Management

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Mediapharm’s training platform can help you manage this important training workload:

Pharmacists and support staff can access CPPE courses and record their completions on Mediapharm. Pharmacy Owners and managers can view progress in real-time via the team dashboard. Management reports can be scheduled for each branch to demonstrate compliance.

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