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Diet, Fitness & Covid-19 – here’s how you can help

By January 6, 2021 No Comments

Obesity is one of the risk factors for COVID and reducing weight can help reduce this risk. Pharmacies are obliged to offer public health advice as part of the Healthy Living Pharmacy scheme and are therefore a prime place to help customers manage weight and offer products related to diet and fitness. The OTC Expert Course in Diet & Fitness training will give you the knowledge and skills you need to do this.

Diet, Fitness & Covid-19

The importance of living a healthy and fit lifestyle has become increasingly apparent with the coronavirus pandemic putting this directly into the spotlight. As the news came out about obesity being a huge risk factor for the virus many families set out on the course to living a better lifestyle. As well as this national health campaigns were also started to try and combat the obesity crisis in the UK, thus the thirst for more knowledge and demand for advice on the subject has grown. That is where you and your teams come in.

When it comes to health advice pharmacists are always the first point of contact and our communities are becoming substantially more aware of this. The chances are that with New Years resolutions and the motivation to better protect yourself from Covid-19, your pharmacies will be full of people that are looking to get advice and even products to help them aid weight loss. Our OTC Expert Course in Diet & Fitness will better equip your teams to do this.

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What does the course include?

This course is specifically designed to give your team the knowledge that they need to advise patients on how to live healthy and fit lifestyles. The following subjects can be found in the course:

– Engaging & Supporting Customers – this section will give you all the advice that you need on how to better converse with and support your patients in their pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle.

– Understanding Weight Measurements – lessons on how to assess and determine whether or not someone is of a healthy weight for their demographic.

– Obesity Risk Factors – obesity has a significant impact on all the different parts of your body, your team will find out what these are.

– Weight Management – this section touches on all you need to know about eating well and staying active.

– Advice on Losing Weight – this is one of the most important topics that your team will need to know about and will give them the information they need to better advise your patients and customers.

– Recommending Products – most people starting a weight loss journey will probably want some products to help aid them through the process. This section will touch on these and which ones are best to recommend and why.

– Further Resources – we also provide further resources that students can read and go through once their course is over, allowing them to expand their knowledge on the subject.

expert course diet fitness

Get your team on the course

As pharmacists it is our responsibility to be able to provide healthy living advise on topics such as diet and fitness. You and your team could help transform patients lives by having this knowledge and by being able to give this advice, plus, by selling weight loss products you can also drive high profit margins.

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