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Learn How to Sell the Flu Service with our Online Course

By September 30, 2021October 7th, 2021No Comments

how to sell the flu service london manchester liverpool

Community pharmacies in England offer a free pharmacy NHS influenza (flu) vaccination service for those aged 50 years and over and patients in at-risk groups. Flu vaccination protects patients against developing flu symptoms, which can be severe and sometimes fatal in elderly and vulnerable patients. With coronavirus co-circulating, flu vaccinations are more important than ever. This course is designed to show how the whole pharmacy team can help deliver the service and make it a success in the pharmacy. Keep reading to learn how to sell the flu service with our online course!

Why is this course essential (especially this year)?

The flu vaccine offers the best possible protection for yourself, and those around you, from the most prevalent flu viruses. If someone contracts flu following their vaccination, it is likely to be a more mild case that lasts for a shorter time than without the vaccine.

Vaccinations are especially important this year with the co-circulation of Covid and flu. This is because those who are at risk of serious complications from flu are also most vulnerable to coronavirus. Also, it is likely that the pressure on GPs and hospitals will be greater this year as a result of the pandemic. Therefore, the more people who are vaccinated, the less pressure there is on the NHS during the winter months; it is important to make every contact count. Your team has the important task of ensuring that patients are aware of the importance of flu vaccination, as well as encouraging them to have their jab.

Who is eligible for the free flu jab?

The criteria for those who are eligible for the NHS vaccine change every year; this year, they include groups such as the following:

  • Pregnant women
  • Those who are a frontline social care or health worker
  • All children aged 2-15
  • Those aged from 6 months to under 50 years who are in clinical risk groups
  • Those in long-stay residential care
  • Carers

You can find out more information surrounding the national flu immunisation programme for this year on the Government website. All those who do not fall under the criteria should be encouraged to take up a private flu vaccine, to protect themselves and those around them.

Why should I be selling the flu service in autumn?

As indicated by The PSNC (The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee), the formal start date for the pharmacy flu vaccination programme is September 1st. This is because it can take 10-14 days for your body to develop immunity following the vaccine. Therefore, it is vital that you start encouraging patients to book their vaccines now so that they can establish immunity in time for winter.

how to sell the flu service london manchester liverpool

What will I learn from the course?

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Confidently deliver and sell the flu service within your pharmacy
  • Engage with patients and encourage them to get their vaccines
  • Understand the importance of both NHS and Private flu jabs
  • Make the most of the opportunities that come with the flu service

What is included within the course?

Our course includes:

  • Learning outcomes
  • Further reading to expand upon the course content
  • Videos for varied learning styles and learning enhancement
  • Case scenarios to build upon and illustrate key learning points
  • Multiple choice quiz elements to test and cement knowledge
  • A structured learning plan
  • A personalised certificate for evidence of course completion

online pharmacy learning management systems

How long will the course last?

The course will take around 20 minutes to complete. However, we have also included videos to accommodate for multiple styles, and to allow for learning enhancement. The online nature of our course allows you to learn on-the-go and in your own time. You can learn more about why our Learning Management System is effective here:

flu jab service online course

Ultimately, your pharmacy will be vital in ensuring that your local community is kept safe this flu season. From Manchester, to Liverpool, to London and all across the UK, your team will make sure that vulnerable people are kept safe, and the pressure is kept off of hospitals and GPs. So why wait?

Start your Selling the flu service course today!


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This blog post was written on behalf of Mediapharm by Carla Moore from Pharmacy Mentor.