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MediaPharm - Pharmacy Training Made Easy

Pharmacy training. We know it’s important but we often neglect it. The question is, why?

Well, as a pharmacist manager of over 12 years writing this piece, I’m sure I can give quite an accurate answer.

1) Time is never on our side

First and foremost, we don’t believe we have the time to do pharmacy training. Now, I’ve worked in some extremely busy pharmacies delivering well over 6000 items a week and taking in over £30k over the counter. I understand the pressures and time constraints the staff can be under. However, it cannot be an excuse to neglect pharmacy training, ever. Time has to be made in order to fit pharmacy training in for all staff, from HCA’s to pharmacists, because this is what makes running such a busy pharmacy safe, effective and profitable.

2) There are more important things to do

I’ve seen pharmacy training be neglected because it’s importance has not been prioritised over other tasks in the pharmacy, such as filing the prescriptions or organising the deliveries. It is believed by many in the pharmacy, including management that those modules that are not absolutely mandatory can be “left for another day” because it doesn’t have to be done right there and then.

3) Pharmacy training is often boring

I’ve seen some really awful training packages that disengage me right from the word go. If pharmacy training is boring, enthusiasm for further training just goes out of the window. I don’t blame the staff for not wanting to train in this case.

Bar the last point about how good or bad the actual training modules are, I believe the underlying issue behind the general neglect in pharmacy training is a lack of understanding of how important training is to the entire business. By valuing and actually enjoying it, a pharmacy business and the staff working in it will thrive.

The benefits of Pharmacy Training

Pharmacy Training has so many benefits for your business


Knowledge = power = money. The more you and your pharmacy staff learn about new medicinal products, selling techniques and clinical conditions, the more money you’ll make as a business. It’s really quite that simple.

Safety and Efficacy

Pharmacy training is, in fact, a requirement from the GPhC. The inspector will check how compliant your pharmacy is in terms of training, and rightly so. Regular training for all staff is required for the safe and effective running of a pharmacy because we are in need of refreshing our knowledge, and new laws, services and policies are always being drafted.

Staff Development and Motivation

When we as human beings stop learning, we get bored and discontent. This is what we do not want our staff to feel. So scheduling in some solid time for learning every week will:

Keep your staff motivated and happy, and show that you care about their development. Happy, looked-after staff is without a doubt the most rewarding and profitable component of any business.

MediaPharm is being used by hundreds of pharmacy businesses

A pharmacy training solution you can trust

The thing is, we understood the problems surrounding pharmacy training way, way back in time. That’s why we’ve been around for almost 20 years and have partnered with hundreds of very respectable clients.

We’re really good because:

Our training modules aren’t boring

We’re a GPhC accredited pharmacy training provider with a huge library of learning modules that are actually engaging and fun and quick to complete. Everything is online so you don’t have to worry about paper filling up the pharmacy too.

We’re all about automation and saving time

Tracking learning completions is very easy with our software and keeping on top of your staff doesn’t take up your time because we send off automated alerts to them. All managers need to do is create a learning plan for the member of staff, schedule in their learning time every week and leave them to it.

We’re online all the time to support your needs

These days, support throughout your pharmacy training objectives and that’s why our pharmacist-led team are on hand to help you with whatever you need.

Developing a better Pharmacy Training Service for the Future

Our world is rapidly changing. Evolution is a given in the digital age we live in and we aim to evolve with it. Through the feedback we get from our customers and keeping on top of the latest trends, we plan to continue being the best all-in-one pharmacy training provider on the market. If we can make your life easier, staff happier and business more profitable, I’d say that’s our job well done.

For a free demo or more information about MediaPharm and how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our team who will be glad to assist.

This article was co-written by the Team at MediaPharm and their media partner, Saam Ali, of Pharmacy Mentor.

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