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The Top 7 Benefits of Learning Management Systems

By April 6, 2021September 29th, 2021No Comments

benefits learning management systems


What are the benefits of Learning Management Systems?


As mentioned within our previous blog post, the service you provide to your patients is ever-changing. This necessitates a constant broadening of your service offering, as well as your proficiency in the provision of pre-existing services. Keeping up with all of the changes can be difficult; that’s why you should consider using Learning Management Systems, or LMS, like ours, to further essential learning through an accessible online portal.


How does our Learning Management System work?


We know how confusing it can be to have all of your eLearning content scattered throughout various computers and email. As a result, we have created a comprehensive Learning Management System. Our LMS acts as a training hub for all of the content included in your subscription. This means that you can access all of our training resources in one place; whenever you need them. Additionally, the portable nature of online learning means that you can learn on the go.


benefits learning management systems


What are the benefits of our Learning Management System?


Our online learning platform puts cutting-edge pharmacy training courses at your fingertips. This allows you to meet all of your statutory and mandatory obligations in one place. Our LMS provides you with everything you need to train your team effectively. Its benefits include:


1. Team dashboards


Your dashboard facilitates real-time reporting for complete visibility regarding feedback and team growth. Moreover, it offers you the ultimate interactive solution for tracking team progress, ensuring that they are meeting any important performance milestones.


2. Alerts and notifications


Our notification system allows you to personalise your learning to suit you. Essentially, you are able to set reminders to keep track of deadlines, as well as automating re-certifications as and when they’re needed.


3. Scheduled reports


These allow you to maintain a level of accountability across the board when it comes to your business. Similarly, our granular approach to reporting lets you pinpoint your data accurately to meet your needs.


4. Reduction in learning costs


One benefit of a Learning Management System is its overall efficiency. Using an LMS removes the stress of having to source and pay for training sites and instructors. Moreover, our online courses are tailored to provide only the most necessary information. Therefore, learning time is reduced significantly. Additionally, the accessible nature of our online courses means that learners can undertake their training at their own pace, at no extra cost.


5. Structured learning


Our courses are comprised of tried and tested learning plans designed by real pharmacists, with you in mind. We know that everyone takes different approaches to learning; as a result of this, we are proud to offer a flexible learning experience. This includes the use of differing media, as well as multiple choice quiz elements to assess learning in between sections.


benefits learning management systems


6. Constantly-updated Course Catalogue


We update our course offering with new courses every month.  This allows you to meet the growing demand for new knowledge in the pharmacy sector. Moreover, if a member of your team requires supplemental resources, we offer further reading to expand on the course content. You are also able to upload your own content, to curate the most efficient training experience possible for your team.


7. One-to-one support


Finally, our learning experience was created with you in mind, so we want you to make the most of it. Therefore, if you are ever unsure of anything, we offer you the opportunity to book a call with one of our approved tutors, anytime.


You can find an up-to-date list of courses we offer here.


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This blog post was written on behalf of Mediapharm by Carla Moore from Pharmacy Mentor.