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What makes video learning so powerful?

By September 30, 2019January 21st, 2020No Comments

Video learning is the base for online training courses. But video isn’t big with e-learning simply because we’re accessing the training through a screen. Video learning is more than just a delivery medium.

So, what’s so special about learning through video and why does Mediapharm include so much video content?

Multisensory learning means more cognitive connections

Multisensory learning means learning through more than one of the senses. Video engages with the learner through moving images, sound and often text as well.

By tapping into several senses, video learning creates more cognitive connections in the brain than a single sense would. This gives the learner a more in-depth understanding of the subject which will improve their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

The brain may process multisensory signals more easily. Researchers suggest multisensory is our natural learning method and is, therefore, better than single-sensory inputs from written text, for example.

Multisensory learning also makes training more engaging and fun for the user.

Correctly demonstrate procedures

Have you ever looked up a how-to video on YouTube? 

Video is great for any practical subject. Videos can demonstrate a technique or procedure in a way that a text or diagram simply can’t – especially for complex processes.

The viewer can review the video as many times as needed allowing them to progress at their pace.  

However, video can also be used to illustrate how not to do something with equal effect. And when the training subject involves an element of safety, it becomes a powerful teaching tool.

So video is a natural fit for training your pharmacy staff in clinical procedures.

Video learning benefits visual learners

Different people have different learning preferences. The traditional view that we each have a fixed learning style is debatable. But given that our mood or situation may influence our learning preference, a good online training course should feature multiple formats of information. 

Courses that contain video are perfect for those seeking a visual learning experience. Visual learners are people who learn more effectively when the information is in images and videos. For the visual learner, video is far more useful than working through a textbook or attending a lecture.

Of course, online training often includes an audio file, a text transcript and maybe even a slide deck to accompany a video. So, the learner has choices of format to access to training. 

Multiple devices give flexibility and convenience

The user has the choice of when and where they access their course because video training can be watched on any device. This mobile training format is preferred by millennials so is a vital factor when choosing the right training provider for your staff.

It’s also a factor for on-the-job training where the demands of a working day don’t fit with classroom learning. Being restricted to training via a laptop or desktop is awkward whilst in the dispensary or behind the counter.

The mentoring pharmacist can also watch the video beside the learner. By talking about the content with a peer, the learner can get an instant viewpoint from experienced pharmacy professionals. 

Shorter videos encourage microlearning

Any teacher will tell you that when it comes to the retention of information, less is more. And with video learning, online pharmacy training courses like the Dispensing Assistant Course from Mediapharm can deliver short and snappy videos that encourage microlearning.

Microlearning is a teaching method that limits content to small but retainable nuggets of information. Multiple videos, each with a specific micro-topic, means there is always a video for the student to watch based what they’re learning about and how much time they’ve got.

The videos should be housed within a Learning Management System. This allows the learner to manage the videos and other content. Plus gives their manager an overview of how their training is progressing.

Learn faster and more effectively Mediapharm

The multisensory nature of video gives in-depth knowledge and improved problem-solving skills than traditional classroom teaching methods. Combine with a blended learning strategy of on-the-job training and mentoring and online pharmacy training videos are the perfect combo.

Convenient, cost-effective and easy to use, Mediapharm’s accredited pharmacy courses have video content than other online pharmacy training providers.

Plus the unique subscription-based service gives scalability to business owners to fit their staff needs. Plus the ability to tailor the train to exactly fit their training requirements.

Wanting more ways to get the best from your workforce?

Join Mediapharm, and get unlimited access to our training courses, accredited by the GPhC.

This article was written on behalf of Mediapharm by Nicola Hasted from Pharmacy Mentor.